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West African Adinkra Symbol

"What I hear, I keep"

Symbol of wisdom, knowledge and prudence.

The Isuthu (Ee-soo-too) Training Institute was founded in 1979 by Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony.  It is a mentoring and rites of passage program for boys ages 6-17.  It strives to grow them into total men; mentally, spiritually, morally, culturally, and physically. They participate in field trips, community service projects, and much more.

Meetings are held the 1st and 2nd Saturday of the month during the school year from 2-4 p.m.  Registration and membership is open to the public for both mentors and mentees.

For more information click the email link for Shawn McElroy, the Program Director.

Upcoming Events...
Monthly meetings have resumed! Join us!

1989-2019 40th Anniversary

Stay tuned for details...

These are the youth of Intonjane and Isuthu working with Honorable Judge Prentis Edwards (3rd Circuit Court) and the mentors in preparation for their upcoming Mock Trail. 

They are doing the Scottsboro Boys case (1931-1937) in which nine African American teenagers (13-19) were accused of raping two white American women on a train in 1931.

The Mock Trail is tentatively set for, Saturday, May 12 at 2 pm at the Third Circuit Court (Frank Murphy Hall of Justice) 1441 St. Atoine St.